Getting The Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors have a stylish, pleasant, and warm feel in which no ceramic tile or cement flooring could duplicate. However, obtaining these hardwood flooring can be worthless if proper care is not taken. You should understand that for you to enjoy all what hardwood flooring have to offer you should take a studious care to prevent spills and stains from discoloring, staining, scratching or damaging your floor.

Clean Hardwood Floor

I understand that cleaning hardwood floors might be very tedious task and can be backbreaking especially if you are mopping with a regular mop and broom. That’s why you need to get a hard wood floor vacuum to clean your home. Here are some of the best vacuums for hardwood floors from Hardwood Champ:


It is one of the finest vacuum brands in the market. Miele is unsurpassed in their potential to clean both hardwood and carpet while filtering irritants and dirt which induce a lot of inflammation. It is known to be perfect, durable and acts as a remedy to allergy sufferers. Attributes that separate it from other vacuum are:

  • Secured HEPA filtration
  • Tough design
  • Overall silence
  • Lightweight

If you are after the great value in the market, Miele might be your best option.


This is another prominent vacuum brand from Britain. While other brands might lose their suction power as soon as soon as dust bin becomes clogged, Dyson machines use root cyclone technology, which gives constant suction regardless of how full the bag is. This technology enables it to provide bag less cleaners whereby the air spins around like a whirlwind allowing dust and dirt entering the vacuum to be outbound. Dyson vacuums are usually preferred when it comes to cleaning pet hair because of it’s suction power.

Some of its characteristics are longevity, superb maneuverability, and outstanding cleaning. If you choose to use this, I can assure you the results will be amazing.


These vacuums were developed for the intended job. Every Electrolux machine has a selection of attachments and an array of functions to make your home’s cleaning an awesome experience. If you ask me to explain Electrolux in one word I would call it strong. With Electrolux, you can easily clean your flooring leaving your house looking great. Therefore, if you are looking for quality performance in a brand that is build to last, choose Electrolux.


It is one of the most reputable labels in vacuum cleaning. It is known all over the world for generating sturdy and long lasting service. Its company started as an America floor Care Company based in north canton, Ohio. Later it dominated the market and became identified as one of the best in the United States and Ireland.

Whether you are looking for a small handheld vacuum for simple cleaning or strong hoover wind tunnel vacuum for heavy dirt and dust, this cleaner will help leaving your floor spotless.

When looking for a top rated hardwood floor cleaner, it might get a little bit confusing sometimes because there are so many brands of vacuum cleaners available out there in different outlets, websites and shopping malls. The list above should help narrow down your search a bit.

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