Why Cheaper Vacuums Are Not The Way to Go When You Have Hardwood Floors

Fancy Dyson VacuumAs most of you know, a bargain is always good, but there is something’s you just can’t bargain with. Your vacuum cleaner is one. Some of you might be lucky to get a cheap vacuum that does what you want it to do. Others may have seen an ad on TV and bought the cool, groovy vacuum that could practically wash your dishes too for the cheap price they have advertised it for. But we all want what is best and when it comes to our floors clean and shiny is what we want.

I have never been one to buy a vacuum cleaner without checking the reviews first. For example, before I purchased a new vacuum for my hardwood floor, I visited Home Floor Experts to find reviews on the best vacuums and what to look for in a vacuum that’s designed for cleaning hardwood. Then I proceeded to Huffington Post to read some articles on the do’s and dont’s of buying a vacuum. There is nothing worse then buying a vacuum from a pick of the selection, getting home to clean your floors and having fifty million little pieces and screws with gibberish instructions.

Then once you get it together it doesn’t stretch the distance you need it to, it leaves all the little stuff behind and loses suction within a month.

What to Look For in a Good Vacuum Cleaner

So, what should you be looking for specifically? Here are the 3 main things:

1. Brushes and Beaters

With hardwood floors you want to avoid a vacuum with all the spinning and wiry bristles and brushes. Everyone loves clean floors that look new. So a vacuum with brushes and bristles is just going to scratch your hardwood and leave it looking dirtier then it was before. The brushes are better for your carpet areas. For your wood floors you would be looking more for rubber or felt lining on your vacuum.

2. Sweep and Mop Option

With hardwoods it is not always the dust, hair and loose objects that you need to clear to have the clean look. Sometimes you need the sweep and mop option to clean stains and split drinks and foods. a vacuum that has a wet and dry function is always good to clean your dust and dirt but also remove your stains and sticky messes.

3. Suction Power

No one likes to stand there for ages with their vacuum hovering over a pile of dirt or a handful of pet hair and it just won’t pick it up. You need a vacuum that has good suction and keeps that suction to be able to pick up all the messes you want to clean from your little dust fibres to your big messes like spilt rice hiding under the oven.

Additional Steps

That is your key points so you’ve followed the guides found a vacuum that does everything you need it to, but when it comes time to vacuum it feels like your dragging around a pallet of bricks just to clean up.

This is where the design comes into it whether it be an upright, portable or drag around behind you vacuum. You will always want lightweight, compact and easy to maneuver. So you can get to all those little hidey holes with ease as well as vacuum your whole house with energy to spare.

With cheap vacuums you might get one or two of these features that look like they clean well, but after a month you’ve got a vacuum that lasts 10 minutes of suction, then is a ball of smoke and dust on the floor. Spending that bit extra on your vacuum could save you thousands in the long run with durability and quality of the life saver you’ve bought. Rather then year after year spending another cheap buck on a vacuum that cleans for a month then your out looking for a replacement. An exception to this would be to pick up a nice, lightweight stick vacuum. These are usually cheap, but they are designed to be used in addition to your regular vacuum.

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