What Brand Makes The Best Vacuums Cleaners For Wooden Flooring?

Hardwood flooring have always been my favorite! I have relocated a couple of times till I found a suitable abode, but every single time I do, I insist on getting hardwood flooring. These solid planks of timber add just the right amount of grace and class to the house and yet sport quite a modern fun look most of us usually prefer.

More importantly, it goes with any type of furniture you add into! You do not have to worry about matching your drapes with it or what color your sofa should be. It just blends in!

Alas! Nope! Can’t Do It!!

However, it sometimes pays to have classy hardwood flooring. The main reason being (oh you guessed it right!) it needs to be spotless every time to give you that effect. The one thing that your guests know that you have made an attempt in that direction is the strong smell of the mop you just used to make it seem spic and span! You sure don’t want that do you!

Well you can run a cheaper vacuum you have in your house and think of getting rid of the spilling and dirt accumulated on that shiny floor without the others really know about it. But the disaster adds up in case you have a beloved pet which ruins your effort in less than a minute! (This, I am saying is a disaster, because the normal household vacuums would not care to clean up all the dander and the shedding of our dear hairy ones!)

This got me thinking, if the regular ones won’t be helpful, then what brand offers the best hardwood vacuums and is it worth paying extra for this?

Voila! It’s Dyson!

Dyson Hardwood Floor VacuumThis is exactly where Dyson comes to the rescue! Easy, efficient and reliable as it is, Dyson literally goes an extra mile (or should I be saying an ‘extra inch’!) to give your floor an impeccable and spotless look you had been hoping for.

The reason that I am more than satisfied with Dyson is that it is real tough when it comes to usage. The material used in its making is the polycarbonate ABS; the same material used in making crash helmets and riot shields. That makes its endurance go really up the level.

Although it’s all tough, it’s light on weight and compact with its shape and that makes it easy to carry and extremely easy to store!

What Makes Dyson The Best

The technical specifications of Dyson which add up to the advantages are:

  • It comes with a HEPA filter bag, which is the best form of filtration used on a vacuum till date. These filters are washable too.
  • It possesses non-marking rubber wheels (unlike the plastic wheels in other vacuums) which prevent your hardwood from scratching and gives it a beautiful look.
  • The suction is really strong which helps in cleaning the dirt between the floor boards and crevices .
  • Special attachments like ‘soft bristles’ come especially for the hardwood flooring to give it a shinny and glossy finish.
  • It’s needless to state that Dyson is the best vacuum when it comes to cleaning the pet-hair and shedding. It comes with extra attachments for cleaning pet hair which add up to the convenience.
  • It is quite silent in operation and it does not throb your head as you take up cleaning as a task!
  • Dyson is highly effective and efficient in its design. You don’t have to struggle with it while cleaning some corner and the extendable hose is extremely user friendly.

While Finalizing Your Home Décor – With Dyson!

The touch Dyson adds up to your floor and to your house and most essentially to your life is astonishing. If the only thing that is keeping you away from getting a beautifully designed hardwood floor is the maintenance that tags along, Dyson shall pose to be the perfect solution.

Now if asked what brand makes the best hardwood floor vacuums- well, the answer is Dyson! Of course, this is just my opinion. There are plenty of other expert review sites like www.homefloorexperts.com that beg to differ, and argue that Miele produces the best hardwood vacuums.

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