Choosing the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Both Carpet and Hardwood Floor

In order to keep our homes thoroughly clean and dirt free, we need to take care of cleaning and maintaining of our home in the best possible manner. These days, majority of homes see both carpets as well as hardwood. Both options are aesthetically appealing.

Vacuum For Hardwood And Carpet

Both options have replaced tiled and concrete floors. At Push Pull Cambodia, we strongly stick by the notion that a lot of lustre is added to homes with hard flooring. A luxurious appearance and feel in a home make it more welcoming. Though, quite attractive, this floor needs a lot of maintenance just like a rich and plush carpet. You need to look for a vacuum for hardwood floors that’s also good for carpeting.

Bagless Cleaners

One of the options that is suitable for both carpets and hard flooring is bagless cleaners. This cleaner works on a simple principle of directing dust and debris to a container meant for collecting dust. When these containers are full, it needs to be replaced with an empty bag. The only drawback with this cleaner is frequent emptying and fitting another bag. Also, the filters fitted in these vacuums also require frequent cleaning.

Bagged Cleaners

The difference between the one mentioned above and bagged vacuum is that in the latter case as soon as the bag is filled completely, it simply needs to be thrown away and a new one needs to be fitted. Built-in filters available in these cleaners allow air circulating through this unit. If home owners are suffering from allergies, this cleaner may prove to be an excellent option.

Upright Vacuums

These vacuum cleaners are gaining a lot of popularity as they are easy and convenient to use. Also, it is quite easy to move them from one room to another. These cleaners are absolutely perfect for cleaning carpets but hardwood can also be cleaned in a convenient manner.


With no bags, these vacuum cleaners are especially meant for cleaning hard to reach places like beneath the furniture. They can be maneuvered easily and as such they are suitable for both carpet cleaning as well as hardwood floor cleaning. Tough to reach locations become easily accessible with these cleaners. Stairs can also be cleaned in an easy and convenient manner.

Things to Consider

  1. If you have a huge house with several rooms, you need to choose a lightweight vacuum machine;
  2. If you are highly allergic to dust and mites, it is better to go for bagless model
  3. If choosing a high end cleaner, it is necessary to ensure that it is fitted with an excellent filtration system
  4. If you have pets in your home, you need to choose a cleaner that can perfectly pick up pet hair strewn all around your home, whether a carpet or a hardwood floor
  5. If planning to buy a canister, care should be taken that it is empty and can be replaced easily
  6. The vacuum that you are planning to buy should have several attachments that helps in cleaning home in the best possible manner

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